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Identity & Access Forum Virtual Only Event

Identity & Access Forum Virtual Only Event

Wednesday, August 14, 2024
9:30 AM - 2:15 PM (EDT)

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Event Details

Date and Format

The Identity & Access Forum Meeting is scheduled to take place on August 14, 2024, as a virtual event. This summit offers the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of identity and access strategies, focusing on a diverse array of crucial topics.

Topics of Exploration

The event promises to explore a wide range of pertinent subjects, including:

  • Mobile Driver's Licenses (mDLs)
  • Identity Verification
  • Digital Identity
  • Healthcare & Identity
  • NIST 

Engaging Agenda

The summit is designed to feature a compelling and impactful agenda that encompasses:

  • In-depth discussions on identity verification and access management
  • Addressing risks associated with compromised identity
  • Delving into the future of Identity and Access Management 

Esteemed speakers and panelists will lead the discussions and share insights, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The event will host experts from various industry leaders, making it a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and learning.


August 14
9:30 AM - 9:45 AM Opening Day & Preview
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM Keynote Speaker - Ryan Galluzzo - NIST
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM Identity in the Healthcare Industry - Linda VanHorn Founder. President/CEO - iShare Medical
- Health Care & IT Expert and Serial Entrepreneur
- Former DirectTrust Executive Board Member
- Voting Member of 4 ANSI Consensus Bodies
 - Direct Standard
 - TIM+ Standard
 - Notifications via Direct Standard
 - Privacy Enhancing Record Locator Service
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Joni Brennan (DIACC) As the President of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada - DIACC, Joni harnesses over 20 years of expertise in identity and access management innovation, adoption, and industry standards development. Joni spearheads initiatives that align with the organization's vision of creating a robust digital identity ecosystem. 
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Lunch Break
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM Ethical Use of ID Verification This will be a panel discussion with:
Neville Pattinson - Thales DIS USA 
Sruti Jain - Consult Hyperion 

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM mDL Ecosystem (Panel) & Project Team Updates Panel discussion with:
David Kelts - DecipherID
Mark Dale - XTec
Project teams:
Alcohol Age Verification
Banking & Financial
mDL Infographic
 Technical Integrations

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM Highlights from the IAF Committees Projects Committees:
Identity Assurance
Digital Identity
Communications & Education

For More Information:

Sandy Mayfield
Sandy Mayfield
Managing Director of Identity & Access Forum Secure Technology Alliance (832)525-5300

Join us for an insightful and compelling time at this virtual Identity & Access Forum event. It will be a day of speakers and panels from the identity industry and cutting-edge technology being discussed, along with partnerships for us to help solve the industry's concerns.